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A Night's Serenade

─it's the call of the wild

Midnyte Wolf
20 July 1990
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Hello, everyone!

You can call me Middie, part-time creep and sometimes artist. I have 22 years of experience with life and still have nothing figured out!

Attending college full-time takes up most of my free time and, trust me, it's even less interesting than it sounds. But if anyone's curious, I'm majoring in Psychology. I have a deep need to understand the minds of crazy people.

This journal was started many, many years ago for no real reason other than to join communities and keep track of them. So some of my very old posts that were lucky enough to ever get posted will likely look and sound very embarrassing. Yet I regret nothing.

I'm still around and still keep touch with certain communities and other sites. You can likely find me many other places under some variation of this same name!